Paperback version of my book

Hi, just to let people know that my book will be available in paper back form including new photos in an additional 8 page colour section. Including sections on Sir Cliff Richard, Shakin' Stevens, Live Aid(with George Michael and Elton John) The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Who, etc and my time time in the music industry. Cost wise will be around half the price of the original hardback. More details to follow soon.

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Phone Chat with Bruce Welch

Had a nice hour or so phone chat with Bruce Welch around ten o’clock this evening(Wednesday) the subject was of course the Cliff ‘verdict’ which came out today. 
Bruce and I were defending Cliff’s innocence almost immediately the BBC story hit the tv back in 2015. 
Bruce was on good form as only he can be, apparently he tells me he finds it difficult to hold his (light) plectrum so cannot play some of his best Shadows tracks for which he’s famous. 
Bruce told me how Cliff was a wreck a year ago, it was really hitting him hard. He (Cliff)was very emotional today when interviewed after the court case. 
Very pleased to know Bruce is well still.

I got a contact from Lem Lubin today(remember Concrete and Clay, Unit Four Plus Two), we reminisced about past stuff such as meeting up with Lem in Sydney and Lem saying “shall we go to Elton’s hotel go and see him?” Which I was fairly surprised at, not something I would have thought of, but we did, Sydney Town House, straight on the reception phone “Hi Elton, me and Tony Rivers are downstairs, can we come up?” We did!!! Penthouse Suite, great view over Sydney Harbour. 
Bruce also mentioned Blue Weaver, turns out he’s another mutual friend that neither of us were aware of. I have a message from Bruce for him.

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